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Applications for membership are invited from companies who are manufacturers or stockist distributors of electrical products in Ireland. To be considered, a company must be resident in Ireland with premises and staff. Applications are considered at Committee level and, if accepted, members are required to sign an acceptance of the EMDA Quality Charter. The current fee for membership is €500 ex VAT per annum.

Outlined below are some of the activities the association is currently involved in, which are of direct benefit to member companies.

1. The Quality Charter sets out and explains the Association’s minimum standards that members must adhere to relating to products placed for sale. It also details the sanctions involved for non-conformance by members if they fall short of delivering on them. All EMDA members must sign a declaration, agreeing that they will be bound by the terms of the Charter. Each EMDA member is issued with a framed copy of the declaration and the EMDA Quality Charter.

2. All members are represented on our website and members are able to access the site to effect changes to their company details.

3. EMDA is a shareholder in Electrotechnical Exhibitions Ltd, the company responsible for organising the ELEX exhibitions.

4. A quarterly survey entitled “The EMDA Business Barometer” is carried out amongst members. It shows current sales trends and debtor days and it provides useful market benchmarking information for members.

5. EMDA has representation on the EIFI Council, which provides a forum directly involving the ESB and The Association of Electrical Wholesalers. It is also represented on the ETCI and on a variety of their technical committees.

6. Training is also a key activity undertaken by EMDA. In conjunction with the ESB/EIFI we have three courses; one covering Technical Principles and Practices, the second entitled “The Lighting Certificate Course” and the third is the Advanced Lighting Course. The training is organised on an ongoing basis, when requested by members.

7. The EMDA Committee meets every month to discuss issues of relevance to our industry. Also, throughout the year opportunities arise for members to meet socially to exchange views on subjects which are of common interest to our mutual business.

The pace of change currently facing business is unprecedented. Company ownership, currency fluctuations, EU and information technology, coupled with the very positive development within the construction industry, demand that companies must remain alert to the implications of these changes. Membership of EMDA can assist participating companies to do just that. The range of services offered continues to expand.

To apply for membership you can fill out this online form


For further information contact: Hillary Raeside, Administrative Secretary +353 1 460 2177

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